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It has been 80 days since the Patriots pulled the most improbable Super Bowl win out of Tom Brady’s ass and we are now one day away from the NFL draft. A.K.A the most fun die hard football fans can have before the long drought of baseball season hits. You know baseball season, that time when you are so desperate for NFL news that you constantly refresh twitter trying to find out how your favorite NFL team’s beat writer thought a 3rd year offensive guard looked in one-on-one drills in minicamp. Dark times lay ahead my friends, dark times.

But for the next three days you will have the joy and excitement of the NFL draft as you watch Mel Kiper and Todd McShay have petty disputes about how they thought teams reached for certain players based on version 5.7 of their Big Boards/Mock Draft. Plus if you are like me and a fan of a team with no real postseason success in recent history the draft is joyous time. It brings hope for the future as you slowly convince yourself that the new crop of draft picks are all future Pro Bowlers who will fit perfectly in your team’s scheme.

If you will be watching the 2017 NFL Draft and would like liven up the experience with a couple of drinks then check out the official Outta Bounds “NFL Draft Drinking Game” rules below. I must warn you though this was concocted with a few fraternity brothers (shout out to Jeremy Wood) and showing up to class on Friday morning was optional. If you are in the working world proceed with caution: (Disclaimer you must be 21 years or older to continue reading beyond this point)

NFL Draft Drinking Game Rules

  1. Pick three teams for the draft. Every time one of your teams is on the clock you must finish your drink by the time the “Pick is In”.
  2. Take a shot for every Quarterback drafted
  3. Chug for every white player drafted (Mitch Tribusky is gonna get ya for two rules)
  4. Shot for every trade that happens
  5. Drink anytime a player’s mom is on camera
  6. Drink every time McShay and Kiper disagree
  7. Chug anytime a player cries
  8. Drink every time Roger Goodell is booed
  9. Drink every time the designated controversial player is talked about and finish your drink when he is finally selected (2017 edition: Joe Mixon)
  10. Take two shots if a kicker or punter is drafted in the first three rounds

By the end of this drinking game if you like what the Browns have done with their draft picks then you have played this game properly. Happy Drafting and Drinking everyone!